Mughal Indian Food

Mughal Indian Food

At the Red Fort we specialise in Mughlai cuisine. The dishes were originally developed in the Medieval Indian times during the Mughal Empire. The cooking styles are from the North Side of India Delhi, Hyderabad, and neighbouring countries such as Pakistan however the cuisine is strongly influenced by the Central Asian cuisine where the original Mughal rulers hailed from. Since then it has strongly influenced the regional dishes in modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Mughlai cuisine uses a vast amount of spices from Aniseed, capsicum, black cardamom, white pepper, red chilli, black cumin, capers, bayleaf, cinnamon and so many more to list to create mouthwatering dishes.

The Red Fort Soho was founded in 1983 and has always followed the Mughal court Cooking, it was one of the first Indian Restaurants in London to specialise in this type of t dish. The owner had brought the tastes and traditions and theme from Bangladesh straight into Soho London. The popularity of the dishes has attracted high profile clientele over the past 30 years and to this day upholds the reputation.

The Red Fort specifically uses fresh ingredients day in day out to bring the fullest flavours in the dishes. We are one of the few curry houses in Soho that use fresh ingredients and free range products.

The Red Fort Soho menu as mentioned brings the classic Mughlai main dishes such as Lucknowi Murgh, Dumpukht Biriyani, Gilafi Kebab traditional deserts such as Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Ras Malai. Expect to see this in our menu but served at the highest quality and care from our head chef: Azadur Rahman.


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